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12 Important Baby Boomer Statistics

Between 1946-1964, almost 76 million Americans were born. They would become the generation that is known as the Baby Boomers, making up about 28% of the population of the United States right now. Here are the most important statistics about Baby Boomers that you’ll want to know, either about yourself, your generation, or to learn […]


5 Drug Dispensers Which Make Life Easier for Seniors

Just about everyone finds that their medicine cabinet requires an expansion as they get older. The schedules for medication can sometimes be complicated, which requires an organized method of dispensing each one. In the past, calendar-based and time-based capsules allowed you to stock your medications to dispense them after you physically packed each one. With […]


Best Ways to Deal with Stress as a Retiree

Retirement feels like a blessing when it is approaching. The first days of a retirement feel liberating. Then, as the days stretch on, the boredom can begin to set it. Some retirees may begin to feel isolated. You may even start to miss your old life before you decided to retire. If you’re dealing with […]


7 of the Best Nursing Home Activities

No one plans to spend their golden years in a nursing home. Just because you have a higher level of care required for your wellbeing doesn’t mean you should stay bored in your room all day. Here are some of the best nursing home activities that you can propose to your facility to further improve […]


Fitness Programs that Are Perfect for Baby Boomers

As Baby Boomers age, their fitness needs begin to evolve. Receiving at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day is still important. It is how that exercise is obtained that become the focus of targeted fitness programs for Boomers. That has led to the rise of the “no-sweat workout” that helps to keep seniors […]


6 Advancements in Stroke Prevention You Need to Know

Seniors are automatically at a higher risk of experiencing a stroke because of their age. If someone in your immediate family suffered a stroke, then your risk goes up even more. You can’t change your genetics. Your birthdays don’t make you younger. What you can do is take advantage of the advancements in stroke prevention […]