Our Story

Welcome. I am Bill Munsey, your host on this brand new Internet site just for seniors. Our goal is to find and stimulate your interests and to encourage an active and creative lifestyle.

Being a senior-senior, myself, and having broad interests in all areas of life, it occurred to me that many seniors find their later years to be restricted to limited activities, especially in the areas of intellectual and creative opportunities. I have always been interested in studying and learning new knowledge and new things to do. Too often, we seniors think that we may be too old to learn how to do new things, like playing a guitar or piano or keyboard. Or maybe we’d like to be learning how to design programs for computers, or how to take full advantage of our cell phone.

How about learning to do Yoga or to meditate? Interested in how to be healthier, to cook, to play chess? How about learning to make money, start an online business and write novels or to learn a new language? How to draw or learn to paint with oil, or water colors or pencils? How about taking a college course from MIT, Harvard, Princeton, or from many other colleges or universities?

Study almost anything you’d like, not for credit, but just because you’re just interested or always wanted to learn more about the subject of the stars, or anatomy, or the brain or history, or the Bible, Koran, Buddhism? Of course, you’ll need to have a computer and if you do not know how to use it very well, there are good courses to learn how.

I guess, you can surmise by now that I have a good range of interests and endeavors and have found out where and how to get involved in these activities without much cost.

We will also be providing all kinds of information for you in order to enrich your life, keep you healthy, and all the while, helping and encouraging you to experience life’s fulfillment and self-expression.

We sincerely invite you to be part of our senior family. Come and look around the site, write to us and we sincerely hope it stirs your creative imagination, satisfies your purchasing needs and simplifies your life.

PS: Please bookmark us and come back often to see what’s new, as we plan to continue to add features we feel will be of interest to everyone. If you feel so inclined, give us your ideas how we might make our site more useful and interesting.

Robust Creative Seniors,