8 Important Dating Tips for Seniors


Just because you’re technically a senior citizen now doesn’t mean you’re out of the game of love. It can be difficult to love again after you’ve planned to spend your life with someone special.

For some, dating means finding that special someone for the first time still. After all, not everyone has success at love in their younger years.

Here are some important dating tips for seniors to consider when seeking out companionship.

How to Make Dating a Lot of Fun as a Senior

#1. Strike Up a Conversation

If you see someone you find interesting, then strike up a conversation. You’ll know right away if that person is married or dating someone else. A friendly conversation can be good companionship anyway. Make eye contact. Ask a question that seems relevant to the person. Be genuine.

#2. Emphasize the Family

Seniors place a stronger emphasis on family connections than younger generations when dating. Although you’ll want some alone time with your companion, there’s nothing wrong with bringing along your dog, talking about your grandkids, or introducing your date to your loved ones. They’re all going to be curious about the new person in your life anyway.

#3. Go Exploring

Dating is more fun when you’re both doing something that you haven’t tried before. Talk about your mutual interests, then decide on something that seems interesting to both of you. It could be a museum you’ve wanted to visit, a new restaurant you want to try, or something more exciting, like skydiving.

#4. Attend Senior Meetups

Dating as a senior doesn’t always involve a quest for another marriage. Sometimes, all you really want is a best friend who will share a laugh with you. Joining a group outing in your community for seniors only is a great way to accomplish this goal. These meetups will go hiking, do some traveling, and organize other events just for you. It’s a great way to stay active.

#5. Keep Your Financials Private

Although there are many people out there who are seeking companionship, there are a few who are out there seeking a windfall. Keep your finances private when you’re getting to know someone. If you receive a lot of questions about your money, it might be time to move on.

#6. Be Practical

A date for coffee is a practical first date because it limits your contact time. If things aren’t going well, then your time investment is an hour, maybe two at most. Coffee shops are also crowded places, well lit, and give you multiple avenues of safety.

#7. Mention a Second Date

If you feel like your date is going well, then talk about a second one before ending the first one. That will let you know if your feelings are on the same page as the other person.

#8. Live in the Present

It is important to talk about your past. What has happened to you is what has defined you. At the same time, it is important to live in the present. Stay focused on your date. Work towards a connection. Then remember that being attracted to someone is different than bonding to that person emotionally.

Dating as a senior is a lot easier than it was when you were a teen. Use your social skills. Bring your experience. You’ll find that it is a lot of fun to meet new people.