An Expanded List of the Best Senior Citizen Discounts for Restaurants, Travel, and Retail


Looking for some great discounts? Then this expanded list of discounts will help you to save even more money!

The Best Senior Discounts for Restaurants

#1. Arby’s offers a 10% discount on orders for seniors every day. A minimum age of 55 is required.

#2. Carl’s Jr./Hardees offers a 10% discount on meals and beverages.

#3. Chick-fil-A offers seniors a free coffee or small beverage. A 10% discount on the order also applies. A minimum age of 55 is required.

#4. Del Taco offers a 10% discount and a free beverage. Minimum required age of 55.

#5. Popeye’s offers a free beverage to seniors and a 10% discount on their order. Minimum age of 55.

#6. Subway offers a 10% discount to seniors.

#7. Applebee’s offers up to 15% off your meal. Minimum age of 55 required.

#8. Boston Market offers a 10% discount. A minimum age of 65 is required.

#9. CiCi’s Pizza offers a 10% discount to seniors who are 60+.

#10. Culver’s offers a 10% discount for customers who are 60+.

#11. Denny’s offers a senior menu for seniors 55+. If you’re a member of AARP, you may qualify for an additional discount.

The Best Senior Discounts for Travel

#12. Best Western offers a 10+% discount for seniors 55+ or members of AARP.

#13. Choice Hotels offers a Senior Rate for those who are 60+ or members of AARP, providing a 10% discount on advance reservations at all their name-brand properties.

#14. Holiday Inn offers a senior discount which varies by market. A minimum age of 62 is required. A valid membership identification with a retiree organization can be substituted.

#15. Motel 6 offers a 10% discount to seniors who are 60 or older. AMAC members receive a 10% discount as well.

#16. Wyndham Hotels offers a 20% discount to AARP and AMAC members.

#17. Super 8 provides a 10% discount to seniors. AARP members are able to save 20% off published rates.

#18. Greyhound offers a 5% discount for traveling seniors, with an age minimum of 62 required.

The Best Senior Discounts for Retail

#19. Bealls Outlet offers a 15% discount to seniors 50+ every Tuesday.

#20. Dressbarn offers a 10% discount on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Age minimum is 55.

#21. Salvation Army thrift stores offer up to a 50% discount every day for seniors who are at least 55 years old.

#22. Michael’s offers a 10% discount to seniors with an AARP membership every day.

#23. Hallmark Stores offer a 10% discount one day per week to seniors, which varies based on the location of the store. Age minimums may apply.

#24. Bon-Ton offers a 15% discount on published senior days. If seniors use the store’s credit card, they’ll save another 5% on their purchase.

Taking advantage of these senior discounts will help you get a lot more for your money. If you don’t see your favorite stores, restaurants, or travel providers on this list, ask them about their senior discounts. Then let us know so we can add them to our published lists!