5 Home-Trading Platforms for Baby Boomers


Traveling should be part of the retirement experience. With 1 in 3 Baby Boomers potentially falling short on the funding for their retirement, finding ways to save some cash becomes important.

What if there was a way to still travel without the high costs of lodging?

That is the problem which new home-trading platforms hope to solve. A home-trading platform allows you to exchange your home with another house where you plan to travel. You stay in that home, while that owner stays in your home.

It is an experience which allows both households a chance to experience a new community while living like a local.

Here are the best home-trading platforms for Baby Boomers to try using when planning their next adventure.

#1. Home Exchange

This international home exchange program offers more than 65,000 different houses in over 150 different countries. This allows you to travel anywhere and stay for free. To get started, you’ll need to first list your home. When you receive an inquiry, you can decide if you’d like to swap homes with that other registered account. Then make the exchange and enjoy your travel. It can save you up to 58% on your travel costs.

#2. Home Link

This business is one of the few home exchange options which existed before the internet. Home Link was founded in 1953 and provides a secure way to exchange homes with others for traveling. Unlike other sites, anything that is dormant with this platform is removed from the listing results. List your home for a maximum of $95 per year, then make plans to go see some place new.

#3. Guest to Guest

This is one of the few options which is also designed to help renters make a home swap if they’re looking to travel. Over 10,000 new homes are added to this site every month. It is also one of the few exchanges which can be absolutely free. There is no subscription or transaction fee associated with a transaction. If you want premium services, only then do you pay. That makes it easier to find the perfect place to take your next trip.

#4. Love Home Swap

With an annual membership, you can have an unlimited number of home swaps with this platform. You can even trade cars with this option if your insurance allows you to do so. Just tell the site what you want, then let them know what you have. This will create a profile for you that will begin to generate matches. Then just agree to a swap when you like the details.

#5. Bedycasa

This platform was originally started as a personal blog. It has now turned into a site with over 260,000 active members. You’ll find rooms for rent, guest rooms, and home exchanges available all over the world. This is a good option to consider if you’re thinking about international travel.

If you want to enjoy traveling without the expense of lodging at every destination, the home-swapping is a popular option to consider. Pick your platform, create your profile, and then start working on your next adventure.