How to Travel Safely When You’re a Solo Senior


Being older doesn’t mean your urge to go exploring disappears. Even if you’re on your own, traveling as a senior is a rewarding experience. There are several ways that you can travel safely when you’re a solo senior, especially if your goal in traveling is to connect with others or see new places.

Here are the best options you’ll want to consider.

Option #1: Volunteer Tourism

Sometimes called “voluntourism,” you can book your travel arrangements through an organization which puts together group volunteer opportunities. You’ll be able to see the world and make a positive impact in the lives of others at the same time. These trips can be 7 days to 7 months in length, you’ll travel with a group of people you can trust, and there will be plenty of sightseeing opportunities to enjoy.

Option #2: Hostels

From an American perspective, hostels are those cheap places that young people use when they’re backpacking through Europe. When summer comes to an end, a hostel is a great community for seniors to enjoy. Most hostels offer single rooms. There are urban locations that will put you into the heart of your favorite city. There are rural locations with country charm. You’ll even find communal kitchens, city tours, and special events can be part of the experience.

Option #3: Timeshares

A timeshare is not for everyone. It requires actual ownership of a property at a specific location. Most timeshares are based in the United States, though some properties are dotted throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia as well. A growing community of 55+ timeshares makes it possible to enjoy a trip where you can surround yourself with like-minded people looking to relax or have an adventure. You can also decide to stay in and watch a movie if you wish with this option.

Option #4: Couch Surfing

By the time your birthdays reach senior status, there’s a good chance you’ve built up a number of relationships around the world. Speak with your friends about hosting you for a couple of days while you travel. It’ll save you a little money and you’ll get to see an old friend in this process. You can even have your friend show you the local sights from a unique perspective.

Option #5: Cruises

Many cruises are offering trip options which cater to specific interests. You’ll find niche cruises that let you meet the actors from your favorite movies, tour inland rivers, or explore your favorite hobbies. If money isn’t an issue, there are 6-month and 12-month cruises that will take you all over the world. You’ll be traveling with other seniors, partaking in organized activities, and you can experience travel at a speed you prefer.

There are plenty of travel opportunities to enjoy, even as a solo senior. You can see the world, experience the backcountry, or spend time in your favorite city without worrying about your safety or the cost of the trip with options like these.

What is your favorite way to travel as a solo senior?