How to Use Senior Shopping Discounts to Your Advantage


One of the perks of growing older is that a lot of businesses offer senior discounts. They do this to encourage you to stop by and spend your money. If you manage these discounts correctly, you can save a lot of money on your basic needs.

If you use them because they are there, however, you might be spending more than you realize on a budget that might be limited.

Here are the ways that you can use your senior discounts to your financial advantage.

#1. Go Traveling

In the United States, seniors receive a 15% discount on most fares when they ride with Amtrak. There are also automobile insurance discounts that become available when you use policies designed specifically for your age. Car rental agencies typically offer a senior discount as well. Even cruise lines offer special senior rates to help you go traveling.

#2. Save Money

Many banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions offer free checking accounts for seniors. There may also be free services available, such as traveler’s checks, free checks, or free ATM withdrawals. You might even be able to access a better savings account interest rates than younger folks.

#3. Get a Haircut

The best discounts available tend to come from locally-owned businesses. There are a handful of franchised locations that offer senior discounts as well. Choose a place that gives you the best discount possible, then update your look when the time is right.

#4. See a Movie

If you plan your trip to the movie theater or cinema in advance, you could save up to 60% off the price of an admission, even for a first-run movie. The best discounts tend to be offered early in the morning or right after lunch during weekdays when traffic tends to be slower.

#5. Go Hiking

In the United States, you can purchase a lifetime entry into all of the country’s national parks. For $90, you can enter all the national parks in the country, along with other recreation sites that are managed at a federal level. In total, there are more than 2,000 different locations to explore with this unique discount, giving you another great chance to travel.

#6. Have Dinner

Most restaurants have a policy of offering senior discounts in the 10-20% range. This discount may even apply if they offer a senior menu that is separate from their main menu. Going out to have dinner, even if you’re on your own, is a great way to meet new people or try something new. Free beverages, including free coffee, can help you enjoy an adventure without even paying anything for it, except the cost to get there.

How Do You Use Your Senior Discounts?

The discounts you receive as a senior help to stretch your budget further. When you shop smartly and take advantage of these opportunities, you’ll find you can do a lot while spending a little.

What are your favorite senior discounts that you use all the time?