12 Important Baby Boomer Statistics


Between 1946-1964, almost 76 million Americans were born. They would become the generation that is known as the Baby Boomers, making up about 28% of the population of the United States right now.

Here are the most important statistics about Baby Boomers that you’ll want to know, either about yourself, your generation, or to learn more about this influential generation for younger readers.

Interesting Statistics About Baby Boomers

#1. Baby Boomers will inherit more than $15 trillion over the next two decades. (Nielsen)

#2. 70% of the disposable income which is held in the United States is under the control of Baby Boomers. (Nielsen)

#3. Baby Boomers are responsible for 80% of the funds that are currently residing in savings and loan organizations. (Healthcare Marketer)

#4. A Baby Boomer is 2 times more likely to start a business in the next year compared to any other generation. Self-employment benefits Baby Boomers because it can increase their retirement income, allow them to live independently, or provide them with a personal challenge. (Healthcare Marketer)

#5. Over 60% of Baby Boomers have at least one person in their household still working. (Boom Agers)

#6. 15% of Baby Boomers report that they spend 11 hours or more on Facebook every week. More than 80% of Boomers have at least one profile on a social networking site, though outside of Facebook, they only spend 2 hours or less on social media. (DMN3)

#7. More than 5.8 million Baby Boomers are projected to be over the age of 85 by the year 2030. Even then, this generation is expected to be responsible for at least 40% of total consumer demand. (Healthcare Marketer)

#8. The total annual income for Baby Boomers is over $2 trillion. (Healthcare Marketer)

#9. Two out of three Baby Boomers suffer from at least one chronic disease. The number of people in this generation suffering from multiple chronic conditions will reach almost 37 million by the year 2030. This may include arthritis, hearing impairment, vision impairment, and memory loss. (Pew Research)

#10. 86% of Baby Boomers report that they own a cell phone. Only 29% say that they own a smartphone, which is the same number that say they own a tablet. (Pew Research)

#11. More Baby Boomers live in California (9 million) than any other state in the U.S. right now. The state with the highest concentration of Boomers, however, is Vermont. 30% of the state’s population is composed of Boomers. (Pew Research)

#12. 85% of Baby Boomers feel like they are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. 62% say that they feel like they are either overweight or obese. 30% of Boomers say that they feel stressed almost all the time, while 20% say that they exercise less than once per week. (Pew Research)

Baby Boomers are still an influential generation. There are challenges to face in the near future, but nothing that is impossible to reach. With the income Boomers control, along with some proactive healthy decisions, this generation can enjoy a successful retirement.