Best and Worst States to Retire in the U.S.


There are some incredible places to retire in the United States. Then there are places where retirees should think twice before establishing a home. Here is a list of the best and worst states to retire in the United States right now.

List of the Best States to Retire in the U.S.

#1. Wyoming

This state is the most affordable for retirees in the United States. It ranks in the top 25% for health care and in the top 50% for quality of life. It’s also ranked in the top 4 for tax issues for retirees.

#2. South Dakota

This state is ranked #1 in the country by Market Watch for its health care system for retirees. It is in the top 25% for affordability, though it is in the bottom 50% for quality of life. It is in the top 10% of states for employment opportunities for retirees too.

#3. Colorado

This state ranks in the top 10% for quality of life and in the top 20% for health care. It is one of the more expensive states to live in as a retiree, but that is because of the high costs of living in the small mountain towns. Choose a western community, like Craig, Rifle, or Grand Junction to save some money.

#4. Idaho

This state ranks in the top 20% for affordability. It ranks in the bottom 50% for quality of life and health care, though the trade-off is that the state has a very low property crime rate. You’ll also have one of the lowest cost of living rates in the country to take advantage of if you make this state your home.

List of the Worst States to Retire in the U.S.

#1. New York

This state is one of the most expensive in the country for retirees. The cost of living is more than 20% higher than average in the country. If you do choose New York, move to Utica or Rochester, as they are the only cities which offer below-average costs for retirees.

#2. Massachusetts

This state has the third-highest cost of living. It has the second-highest health care expenditure costs. Retirement income (Social Security excluded) is taxed at a state rate of more than 5%.

#3. Maryland

Living in this state means dealing with a high cost of living and higher taxes than what most of the country faces. Distributions from your retirement accounts are taxable here, even if they’re not taxable at the federal level. It is also the only state with an estate and an inheritance tax.

#4. New Jersey

The healthcare costs for retirees in this state are the third-highest in the country. The property taxes here are ranked #1 in the U.S. for retirees. It also has the fifth-highest cost of living in the country.

There are some great places in the United States to retire. There are also some challenging locations. With a little planning, you’ll be able to move close to your family without spending your savings right away.