6 Best Places to See as a Retiree


6 Best Places to See as a Retiree

Travel might just be the best perk of all as a retiree. You’re free to explore the open road at whatever pace suits you best. Here are some of the best places you can see that won’t take a huge chunk of your savings.

#1. Savannah, Georgia

There is a lot of Southern hospitality to experience in this beautiful city. You’ll find walking tours are available most days for a reasonable price. You can visit the old City Market, enjoy the antebellum building designs, and savor the local cuisine. One of the secret highlights to a stop here is the artisanal honey that is produced locally.

#2. Biloxi, Mississippi

If you love seafood, then this is the city for you. You’ll find it available in every conceivable way for a price that is nice. There are casinos where you can enjoy some gaming, then hit the beach at sunset for an incredible view. Several museums celebrate the history of the city as well, which makes for a lovely, leisurely tour on a warm day.

#3. Tampa Bay, Florida

For those who love golfing, this city must be a top destination choice. You can go golfing on PGA Tour event courses for less than $200 if you fit your 18-holes in before noon. Some courses drop their prices to around $100 if you prefer your golf in the afternoon. There is kayaking, yachting, waterskiing, and plenty of beach access to enjoy. Take a day to enjoy the Florida Aquarium and its senior discounts too.

#4. Flagstaff, Arizona

Instead of being in the heat of the desert, this city puts you into the cooler mountain climates of the state. You’ll be able to explore the history of the railroad in the city. It is a chance to go make some new memories along the old Route 66 as well There’s also the Lowell Observatory to go see, which offers a steep Sunday discount.

#5. Reno, Nevada

Although the casinos may not feel as grand as the ones in Las Vegas, you’ll have better access to similar quality dining and gaming experiences. You’re also a day trip away from exploring Carson City, Lake Tahoe, and Virginia City during your stay. Many of the hotel rooms here are offered at very affordable rates, often below $40 per night during the week.

#6. Port Townsend, WA

At one point in time, this small Victorian city could have become the size of Seattle if the railroad had reached the town. It didn’t, so what you’re left with is a series of charming old homes that were abandoned by their wealthy owners. There are old forts to explore from World War II and a beautiful downtown to explore. You’re also a day trip away from Olympic National Park and the Pacific Ocean.

There are some incredible places to visit in the United States that will create a fun, relaxing trip. Choose these options if you’re looking to stretch out your retirement savings without compromising the quality of your trip.