18 Best Places to Get a Senior Discount


When you’re enjoying the long days of retirement, it is important to stretch your finances whenever possible. If you do your shopping at these locations, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the best senior discounts that are offered today.

Where to Go for a Great Senior Discount

#1. At Banana Republic, you’re able to receive 10% whenever you shop. There are no day restrictions. Proof of age (50+) may be required to receive the discount.

#2. Goodwill stores offer up to a 20% discount one day per week. You’ll need to check with your local location to determine which day that is. Age minimum is 55.

#3. Walgreens offers a 20% discount once per month for seniors who have the store’s rewards card. To qualify, you must be an AARP member and be at least 65.

#4. Kohl’s offers a 15% senior discount every Wednesday. Age minimum is 60.

#5. Clarks offers a 10% discount to all seniors 62+ with no day restrictions in place.

#6. Hy-Vee grocery stores offer a senior discount at their local stores. Contact your location to determine what the actual discount policy happens to be.

#7. Piggly Wiggly grocery stores offer a 5% senior discount every Wednesday. Age minimum is 60.

#8. Publix offers a 5% discount to seniors on Wednesdays at some locations. Age minimum is 60. You’ll need to contact your local store to determine eligibility.

#9. McDonald’s offers a senior discount on coffee all day, every day. Age minimum is 55.

#10. Yum! Brands offers a free small beverage for seniors when they place an order at one of their chain restaurants. Restaurants include Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Long John Silver’s.

#11. Krispy Kreme offers a 10% discount for seniors at some locations. Age minimums apply and vary by location.

#12. Jack in the Box offers up to a 20% senior discount, depending upon the location. Age minimum is 55.

#13. Friendly’s offers a 10% discount on meals ordered by seniors. Free coffee is available during breakfast.

#14. Burger King offers a 10% discount, plus reduced pricing on coffee and soda, with no day restrictions. Age minimum is 60.

#15. At British Airlines, seniors can save up to $200 on their flights. Must be an AARP member to qualify for this discount.

#16. Avis offers up to a $25 discount for seniors on a car rental. No day restrictions are in place, but an AARP membership is required.

#17. Cambria Suites offers seniors a 10% discount with an advanced reservation. Minimum age of 60 required. AARP members under 60 also qualify for this discount.

#18. Amtrak offers riders a 15% discount off the lowest available fare. Cross-border rail services with VIA Rail Canada are offered at a 10% discount. Minimum age of 60 required for U.S. travel discounts. Minimum age of 62 required for cross-border travel.

What Are Your Favorite Senior Discounts?

Many businesses offer a senior discount if you’re willing to ask for one. With discounts of 20% or more possible, it is definitely worthwhile to see what is available.

What are the best senior discounts you have been able to find during your travels?