6 Ways to Meet Other Seniors Without Going Online


If you love the idea of meeting new people, but dating websites and other online options aren’t right for you, then the old-fashioned ways of meeting people still work. You can still meet people without gimmicks, dating apps, or other forms of technology.

Here’s where you can meet other seniors in real-life.

Where Seniors Meet Other Seniors in Real Life

#1. Meetups

Meetups are one of the best ways to meet other people. These group activities can be formally or informally structured around specific common interests. You’ll go to concerts, take hiking trips, and even have game nights with others who enjoy some of the same things you do. Some are designed for networking, others are designed for dating, and some are all about having fun. If no one is organizing meetups in your community, why not start a meetup yourself?

#2. Bowling Leagues

Many seniors enjoy staying active by participating in sports. Almost any sport will give you the chance to meet people. Bowling, however, is one of the most common sports found around the world. It’s good exercise, can be done at any age, and you can even join leagues that will help you meet people on a regular basis.

#3. Have a Solo Date

What’s better than no date at all? Taking yourself out on a date. Get dressed up. Go to your favorite restaurant. This will help to get you out of your comfort zone, which creates opportunities to meet new people. Diners are a great option here, especially if there is a counter or bar where you can sit.

#4. Meditate

If it is a nice day outside, grab a blanket. Head to your local park. Then take a few minutes to meditate. You’ll benefit from the practice of mindfulness in your life. There are also others who are doing the exact same thing. If you notice someone else meditating, wait until you’re both finished, then strike up a conversation.

#5. Go New Places

One of the easiest ways to meet new people in real life is to change your routine. Go to a different coffee shop than normal. Try attending a different church one weekend. Even shopping a different grocery store sometimes can encourage you to bump into new people. Every time you’re willing to step outside of your regular routine, you’re giving yourself a chance to meet other seniors.

#6. Bookstores

You would be amazed at how many people are seeking out contact with someone when they visit a bookstore. Just walk into one and take a look around. Sure – there are folks with their noses in books. Keep looking. Sure enough, you’ll see someone look around, see that no one is there, and sigh heavily. That’s your cue to strike up a conversation. As an added bonus, many bookstores sell coffee, pastries, and other goodies to enjoy.

Meeting other seniors doesn’t need to be a complicated process. You don’t even need to go online to do it. Choose one of these options to see what new relationships you might be able to build.