5 Drug Dispensers Which Make Life Easier for Seniors


Just about everyone finds that their medicine cabinet requires an expansion as they get older. The schedules for medication can sometimes be complicated, which requires an organized method of dispensing each one.

In the past, calendar-based and time-based capsules allowed you to stock your medications to dispense them after you physically packed each one. With the standard setup, you could plan 7 days of medication, then need to restock the dispenser.

That process is changing thanks to these innovative drug dispensers, which are making life easier for seniors all over the world.

#1. Karie Personal Medication Dispenser

This dispenser is designed to work with the prepackage medication shipments you receive in the mail. You stock your medication into the dispenser, then use the touchscreen to manage when and how much of the medicine you take. It incorporates smart scheduling technologies to ensure a dose is not missed, alerting you when it is time to take your meds.

#2. PharmASSIST

This dispenser self-calibrates whenever a new medication is introduced to it. This makes it easier to add new prescriptions to the dispenser for accurate dosing. It can dispense almost all tablets and capsules, which reduces the need for multiple units. There is also a system of medication inventory control to let you know what you’ve got available. It is so advanced that it won’t even dispense medications that are expired.

#3. GMS Med-e-lert

This pill dispenser offers 28 individual trays, each of which can hold up to the equivalent of 18 aspirin. One slot on the lid allows for medication delivery. It turns on a daily schedule, moving a tray of pre-filled medication into the open slot. Then it sounds an alarm when it is time to take the medication, which you cannot turn off until you disperse the medication by turning the dispenser upside down. There are 6 schedule disks to use and the device can be locked.

#4. MedReady

This locking drug dispenser is designed to prevent double-dosing, which is especially useful when there is an issue with dementia. There are 28 compartments in the device. It connects with an internal cellular module or through Wi-Fi to contact pre-programmed emergency numbers if the medication is not taken on the correct schedule. Loading rings permit a dosing schedule of up to 4 times per day.

#5. Livi

If cost isn’t an issue for you, then this automatic pill dispenser is easily the best in the industry. It provides email and text notifications for multiple caregivers. It offers a portal access to help you manage up to 15 different medications or supplements. Your purchase comes with 24 months of cellular data, storage, and management to ensure proper distribution of medication as well. It is also one of the few dispensers which offers a 90-day storage capacity.

Medication management can cause more headaches than it solves with the wrong drug dispensers. Choose one of these options and you’ll be able to begin working toward a reduction of missed doses.